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Friday, October 5


Friends and Family Night
Friends and Family Night - A program that allows our registered attendees a chance to have their friends and family see the Exhibit for free in a quieter, more intimate setting.

Visitors will have all the benefits of the regular Exhibition experience (displays, vendor access, builders to speak with) and more. Our Brick Derby will be open to all - registered attendee or guest. The Derby is a head-to-head race of vehicles that can be built from our Building Zone brick.

The primary requirement is for the attendee to meet their party at the front door and escort them into the building. This places the burden onto the attendee to be actively involved in this program. We are allowing each attendee to have up to 6 guests. We would prefer that the attendee also escorts their guests throughout their visit to help with questions and other information. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Because the attendees will be able to recognize the people they have invited, there is no need for a list of who those guests are. A person stating that they are "here for Friends and Family Night" will not be allowed in until they are met by a registered attendee with a badge. They can name their sponsor and that person can be called forward to meet them, if he or she is not already there.

Friday October 5, 2018 8:30pm - 10:00pm
Exhibition Hall